Christmas is Dead – Not!


There are still many people left in the world who would give you the shirt off their back (and more) – no the picture aboveĀ  is not me, but he could be related. Is Christmas dead? Nope! The nekkid truth is that our community just practices it all year round is all.

The spirit of caring and sharing was shown once again this year by fans of the Survival Podcast! Quite often the TSP Zello members are involved with both private and public fundraising. Also may packages are sent each year between members sending each other things they need. Kickstarter? No, our goals were too modest – and we did not want nor need any inducement to give freely. We believe a hand UP is definitely NOT the same as a handout. Both our donors and recipients were sincere in heart.


In case you missed it… Our last 4 Public campaigns were fully funded!!!!!! Some even exceeded their goals.

$200 was raised for a $150 goal, to help Blademan repair his primary transportation and obtain a bus pass to be able to get to and from work. Additionally, a Walmart gift card for incidentals.

$330 was raised for a $300 goal, to help DFWMichael and his family obtain a 100′ Greenhouse hoop frame. This will be used to help them build their permaculture nursery and microgreens business.

$500 was raised for Angus and Danger. Angus lost his job unexpectedly when his company closed the branch office and they did not ask him to relocate. The money raised is a token of our community affection, and will help make Christmas a little more bright.

$660 was raised for a $250 goal, to help Cedar_OR obtain supplemental Big Buddy heating for her RV trailer, as she is starting from scratch, on a small patch of land after a messy break-up.

The private, behind the scenes gifts and financial support amongst TSP Zello members probably equaled that of the public campaigns. This is how community and family is supposed to work, right? Sometimes you just need to cash in that social capital Jack Spirko has talked about. Not because a government said DO IT – but because we WANT to.

I hope our ability to do such random acts of kindness will continue to grow in 2016.

Thanks for YOUR continued participation as we continue to build the TSP Zello channel, and for all those involved in the community philanthropy.